Hexago Professional Patio Heaters

Professional Patio Heaters

Being locked indoors literally sucks! We have been hibernating for a long time this winter, not to mention the  forceful lockdown due to Covid-19!

With us being a few steps away from Spring, all we want is to spend some time outside but the unbearable cold forbids us from being out even when wearing a few layers.

We all love spending time outdoors, however, due to  the drastic drop in temperatures, after sunset, we all start to seek shelter indoors. Let’s face it, We’ve all been there, one minute we are outside enjoying the company of family and friends, the next we are fighting the cold that makes it unbearable to continue enjoying our heartfelt meals and we try to source warmth.

This is where Hexago  Gas Patio heaters come in handy!


Hexago Propane Patio Heater

Hexago Outdoor Heaters will allow us to stay outside longer, so we can spend the next minutes or even hours outdoors, enjoying each other's company without getting the chill, but instead feeling comfortable and warm.

Gas Patio heaters make it easier for us to enjoy the fresh air deep into the night throughout autumn, spring and summer. 

With over 30 years of experience in industrial and commercial businesses, Hexago have recently decided to offer their quality items to new channels and to the home users. 

Although Hexago’s factory manufacturers other brands, e.g. (Firesense, Hilland, etc), they choose to put Hexago name plates only on items that offer the highest quality construction, top performing elements and ease of use for the customer.


The Benefits of Hexago Patio Heaters for your business

Customer Comfort

Gas heaters are sure to spice up your outdoor restaurant! With even, comfortable warmth, patio gas heaters provide a welcoming environment for guests. 

Outdoor patio heaters also help restaurants extend their dining seasons, making profits stay hot even as the weather cools down! The advantages of outdoor gas heaters are endless.

Restaurants with Patios have a great opportunity to make profit by using the elegant, environmentally friendly Hexago Propane Gas heaters for their decks and outdoor eating areas. Not only that but they also provide balanced warmth directed toward people and deep into the open areas of a 20 feet radiance.

Hexago Propane Gas heaters will allow people to enjoy their drinks and snacks in a beautiful outdoor area any time during the year.

The Hexago Propane Gas Heater is ideal for your outdoor dining areas whether you run a restaurant, bar or a pub.

The heater’s powerful flame system provides plenty of heat to warm up even the coldest places. With customers more aware of personal space when dining out, restaurant owners can benefit from an outdoor patio heater because they can utilize all the space they have and allow customers to practice social distancing effectively.

Hexago Gas Heaters are a great way to make the most out of the current situation and provide income stability for a business dependent on customers visiting their premises.

Another major benefit to having outdoor heaters is that it allows business to promote a unique experience as an extension to their restaurant, pubs or clubs, and attract customers by offering a welcoming and cozy ambience.


One of the main benefits of outdoor heaters is that you can choose where you place them. They come with gas cylinders, which make it possible to move them around and place them in places suited best for your space.

Hexago Professional heaters come with the cylinder already fitted in. They also have wheels fitted which makes moving them around easy.

A major benefit of propane gas patio heaters is that they can safely be used outdoors without the need for them to be connected to a gas outlet. Unlike electric heaters, gas heaters don’t present a fire or electrocution risk when it suddenly rains while the heaters are in use.

With Hexago Gas heater maintenance is easy. All what you need to do is to cover it up when not is use to keep it protected during the cold weather.


These Chic Hexago Gas Patio Heaters are easy and convenient options to heat your outdoor area, they make a truly fantastic statement to your outdoor space if you are looking for something which is contemporary in design, low maintenance and is easy to use.

Hexago Gas Propane Patio heaters are elegant, sturdy and give your outdoor space a premium look and feel.

They also produce a natural flame, which is not only mesmerizing but also refreshing to watch in the dark. Having a gas patio heater, therefore, spells not only class but also practicality.


Gas patio heaters are considerably more affordable than electric heaters. Gas is also relatively cheaper too, which also means more savings in the long run.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a simple unit to provide heat for your outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with Hexago Professional Heaters.

Our heaters are competitively priced giving businesses the best in terms of quality and affordability.

Choosing The Right Model

We offer a range of heaters suited for all price ranges and requirements. Here a quick feature breakdown for each model:

Sonoran - 40,000 BTU offers plenty of heat, features a modern Pyramid design, stainless steel frame, aluminium reflector and a stylish glass tube surrounded by a protective cage.

Tofino - 42,000 BTU for extra warmth, classic design, constructed from steel and powder coated for durability and weather resistance and includes a table making it perfect for gathering around the heater with a drink.

Catalina - 47,000 BTU stainless steel propane gas patio heater with aluminium reflectors. Stylish sleek design perfect for places that demand a premium look 

Mojave - 50,000 BTU premium propane gas patio heater, offers an ample amount of heat. Premium powder coated steel build, anti tip and automatic shut off safety features.

Big Sur - 47,000 BTU traditional propane gas patio heater. Made from steel and powder coated for a weather resistant finish. Offers great safety features and radiates plenty of heat.

Malibu -  40,000 BTU premium pyramid propane gas patio heater. Beautiful pyramid design with a powder coated stainless steel build. Visible flame with ceramic glass tube for great ambience. Offers plenty of outdoor warmth.